FSRUO Autumn School 2014

Maanantai, lokakuu 20, 2014 (Koko päivä) - Keskiviikko, lokakuu 22, 2014 (Koko päivä)

FSRUO Autumn School 2014:

Photon based research at roadmap infrastructures & IYCr 2014: Crystallography in Finland

These two meetings connect scientists that use synchrotron radiation for research. Finnish Synchrotron Radiation User´s Organization (FSRUO) has their yearly meeting, while the National Committee of the International Union of Crystallography is celebrating the International Year of Crystallography - 100 years since founding of crystallography.

Information and program of the combined event can be found here: http://physics.oulu.fi/fsruo2014/. Docent Inari Kursula and Professor Rik Wierenga from FBMM are among the speakers of the combined event.

Docents Inari Kursula and Tuomo Glumoff from FBMM are members of the organizing committee of the event.

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