Application guides

Application Guide 2016 (Valintaopas 2016) (mostly in Finnish: for Intercultural Teacher Education in English, see pages 14-18).

In the Faculty of Education there are three Master´s Programmes with Finnish as a language of tuition. The application guide for these programmes is available only in Finnish. Valintaoppaat.

Note to those submitting applications to the Intercultural Teacher Education programme

We have received inquiries on the book you are expected to read for the Intercultural Teacher Education entrance test. The book in question is a full book with about 160 to 230 pages, depending on the layout.
There has been an article with the same title in the Journal of Philosophy of Education, but it is NOT what we are referring to.

Please check for the publisher and year of the book.

Osler, Audrey and Starkey, Hugh:
Changing citizenship: democracy and inclusion in education.
Maidenhead, England:
Open University Press, 2005

Last updated: 12.1.2016