Education, Diversity, Globalisation and Ethics (EDGE)

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EDGE is a research group which examines the multiple relationships between Education, Diversity, Globalisation and Ethics. It is committed to ethical internationalism, epistemological pluralism, North-South-East-West dialogue and research based (teacher) education. The group began its work already in the 1990s with both theoretical and practical interests to develop teacher education programmes focusing on intercultural education and ethics.

EDGE hosts international, inter-disciplinary and cross-sectoral research collaborations and seminars in the areas of: global citizenship, ethical globalism, language and culture, global, intercultural, multicultural, indigenous, anti-racist, participatory and transformative education, critical and post-critical pedagogies.

EDGE also supports postgraduate students at the University of Oulu through the creation of a vibrant, safe and constructive collaborative atmosphere for research training. EDGE is coordinated by Professor Elina Lehtomäki.


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Last updated: 15.9.2017