Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

The Faculty of Education follows the uniform RPL instructions of the University of Oulu. You can find on this page the benefits of RPL, appropriate forms and explanations of concepts, among other things.

An RPL process is commenced under the supervision for a personal study plan or supervised by a study advisor. For certain studies the Faculty has, however, already in place practices for recognition of previous studies and for inclusion of such studies as part of a degree. The Faculty has also made certain decisions on recognition practices which allow the student to easily see which studies s/he can earn credits for in the first place. The instructions below should be followed to ensure smooth progress of the recognition process.

The Faculty of Education has decided on the following recognition practices:

Study modules and/or courses completed in other universities are not included in the maximum credits mentioned below. The maximum number of credits that you can earn through the RPL process: credits awarded through RPL cannot account for more  than 20 % of a degree, which means 36 credits for the Bachelor's degree and 24 credits for the Master's degree. An exception to these maximum credits is possible by the decision of the Education Committee, if proposed by the Chief Academic Officer.

  1. Study modules at university level are included/credited for the degree based on credit records or certificates.
    No form needs to be filled in.
  2. The RPL process for language and communiucation studies is mostly managed by the university's Languages and Communication unit. Further information available at the information meeting organised by Languages and Communication and from ther study advisors.
    No form is needed. / Form RPL 1A
  3. The main rule is that credits for previous learning cannot be given for the teaching practice periods, as they are pedagogically and didatically supervised studies. However, the following courses related to teaching practice can be credited through the RPL procedure, in which case previous learning shall be indicated through a demonstration such as a report, portfolio, interview or seminar presentation.
  • 392905S Applied practice, 7 credits
  • 408520S Thematic practice, 6 credits
  • 408021S Thematic practice, 6 credits
  • 411015A Project training, 4 credits
  • 413019S Practice, 10 credits
  • 443187S Advanced practice in early childhood education, 8 credits
    Form RPL 1B
  1. As regards the pedagogical studies, the RPL procedure only applies to courses specifically designated by the degree programmes. Ask the study advisors for more details.
    No form is needed.
  2. No recognition for previous studies is possible with a non-formal demonstration as regards the multidisciplinary studies in subjects and cross-curricular themes taught in basic education and the professional studies in early childhood education.
  3. Theses written in polytechnics/universities of applied sciences or in the university's other degree programmes are not directly applicable as theses. If the student wishes to make use of such a thesis for a thesis in one of the Faculty's degree programmes, s/he shall agree on doing so with the thesis supervisor.
    No form is needed.

Staff members responsible for the degree programmes in 2015-2016:

Education: Pauli Siljander
Primary Teacher Education: Minna Sääskilahti
Early Childhood Education: Aila Tiilikka
Music Education: Juha Ojala
EdGlo: Maria Järvelä
LET: Sanna Järvelä
Secondary Teacher Education: Raimo Kaasila
Special Education: Marko Kielinen/Marjatta Takala. 

Last updated: 15.1.2016