English Philology as a minor subject

Entrance examination (sivuainekoe):

10 May 2017, 9-12, lecture hall L1.

Sign up through WebOodi 01.03.2017 (08.00) - 5.5.2017 (23.59), code 682350Y

NB! You can take this exam (English Philology as a minor subject, `sivuaine´) only if you are a student at the University of Oulu. If you have problems using WebOodi, sign up by sending mail to helena.karjalainen_at_oulu.fi (mention your name, student number, major subject and email address in the message).

The requirements for the exam are the same as for the main entrance examination. The entrance examination is a written exam and consists of two or three different writing tasks of various length (approx. 300–400 words). The examination is in English. The maximum number of points in the written examination is 40 points. The entrance examination is based on reading materials to be announced on 15 March 2017 (see Valintaopas/englantilainen filologia). Please note that the applicant cannot consult the reading materials during the examination.

The aim of the entrance examination is to test the applicant’s ability to grasp the content presented in the reading materials and accordingly apply it in the writing tasks. To be considered for admission, the applicant must score at least 50% of the available points in each of the written tasks. The assessment of the written tasks will focus on the following issues:

1. content – the relevance and accuracy of the answers
2. language – the grasp of vocabulary and grammatical precision, the ability to write clearly, fluently and flawlessly
3. structure and organization – the logical presentation and overall coherence of the argumentation

The reading materials may pertain to language studies, language learning, and the cultures and literature of the Anglophone world.

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