Visiting Lecture / Vierailuluento maailmankarttojen symboliikasta

Keskiviikko, toukokuu 13, 2015 (Koko päivä)

13.5.2015 ke, salissa HU106 (Wed, May 13, 2015, Room: HU106), klo 11.15–13

Chair: Maija Kallinen (University of Oulu)

Emily Albu (Davis Professor of Classics, University of California):

The Medieval Battle of the Maps (or Mapping Medieval Empires)

This presentation focuses on world maps as symbols of ownership, authority, and domination.  Roman emperors and their agents claimed sole right to own and display maps of the world they claimed as their own.  Christianity challenged that conviction, with widespread creation of mappaemundi presenting God's world and ultimately with papal maps proclaiming a religious imperial power.  As popes and German-Roman emperors created competing symbols of imperium, they included world maps in their respective repertoires.  This talk compares the numerous surviving and attested Christian mappaemundi with the sole surviving secular world map from the medieval western world.

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