NordMin PhD Course on Sustainable Mining of Gold

Maanantai, tammikuu 18, 2016 (Koko päivä) - Perjantai, tammikuu 22, 2016 (Koko päivä)

The second NordMin PhD course on sustainability in the mining sector will be organized by Oulu Mining School.
The name of the course is:  

Gold from Bedrock to Bullion: Sustainable Mining

Registration by email to Deadline November 30, 2015. 


Timing and lecture rooms:

Monday  18th, at 9-16, room YB210

Tuesday 19th, at 9-16, room YB210

Wednesday 20th, at 9-16, room TA105

Thursday 21st, excursion to Kittilä

Friday 22nd, at 9-16, room TA105


For more information, see the file below.


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