Intensive Minipilot cource available in April

Maanantai, huhtikuu 11, 2016 (Koko päivä) - Perjantai, huhtikuu 15, 2016 (Koko päivä)

772658S Special issues in geology and mineralogy: Mineral Processing (3 ECTS credits)

Dates: Monday, 11. April - Friday, 15. April 2016 (all day)

Place:  Minipilot premices

Note: Number of participants is limited to 10. Please register before Wednesday 6.4. in WebOodi. 


Day 1: Comminution, lectures

Day 2: Flotation, lectures

Day 3: Planning of the process flowsheet for minipilot trial

Day 4: Minipilot trial, Pyhäsalmi Cu-Zn ore

Day 5: Minipilot trial, Pyhäsalmi ore


The objective is that the participants would learn and understand the principles how to proceed from bench scale studies to continuous mode test work. Theoretical lectures would be given in the first two days and on the third one it is an object to develop a flowsheet for minipilot trials, carry out necessary reagent calculations etc. The last two days include minipilot trials for Pyhäsalmi ore (Cu- and Zn- flotation).

Max number of participants would be 10. For trials, three groups are formed: one takes care of process control, the second of operations and the third of analytics. Roles are changed during the days. Typically there has not been a final exam after the course but after each day the participants have filled the work diaries where they describe what has been done during the day.


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