PhD students Gayane Sedrakyan and Ana Rodríguez Groba are visiting the LET –team this autumn

PhD students Gayane Sedrakyan and Ana Rodríguez Groba are visiting the LET –team this autumn for collaborative research.

Ana Rodríguez Groba is a PhD student at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is a member of Stellae Research Group focusing on technologies in education. She participated in several projects about teacher training and the introduction of technologies in Latin America. Currently, she is doing a thesis entitled: "Teaching with academic social networks and self-regulated learning in university students. Case studies".

Gayane Sedrakyan is a final year PhD researcher from the Management Informatics Research Group at KU Leuven, Belgium who will be working at the University of Oulu in collaboration with LET center within an international research visit award from the Belgian National Scientific Research Funding (FWO). Her research interests include but are not limited to technology-enhanced learning, simulation based teaching/learning in IS education, feedback automation, process oriented feedback. Gayane has 8 years of programming experience (3 years in IT industry and 5 years in research). She has been developing a feedback-enabled simulation tool to facilitate the (learning) process for requirements analysis and design which is currently being used within the MIS master program at KU Leuven to support novel and research-based teaching methods for requirements engineering and modeling courses. Her current research focuses on process-oriented feedback based on learning process mining which has been recently promoted for university-wide innovative practices being nominated in the category of "Educational Feedback Award" at KU Leuven.

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