Arttu Mykkänen has defended his doctoral thesis "Young children's success in learning situations"

Arttu Mykkänen defended his doctoral thesis on 29th of April. The topic of the thesis was: Young children’s success in learning situations – actions, views and appraisals in learning contexts. The opponent of the defence was Professor Marold Wosnitza from the RWTH Aachen University.

Abstract: This study investigates young children’s views of successful learning situations in their classroom activities and factors that contribute to their achievement in those situations. It is investigated how self-regulated learning is supported in these situations and how children appraise support as part of their success.

The study consists of three different data sets that are reported in three empirical articles. The first empirical study investigated resilience displayed by young children in dyadic task performance. The second empirical study investigated views and appraisals that primary school children give to their success in classroom learning activities and how self-regulated learning is supported in the classrooms. The third empirical study investigated how primary school children appraise the reasons for their peers’ successes in learning situations. The data collection methods include video observations, stimulated recall interviews and photo elicitation interviews.

The results of this dissertation indicated that success in learning activities results from individual and external factors. Among the individual assets that children bring to learning situations, the support that children receive from their teachers and peers were crucial for successful achievement. This study showed that, in general, the children’s self-regulated learning was supported in the classroom, especially through the support from a teacher and non-threatening evaluation. Children described their success through concrete actions that they took in the situations, such as the ability to accomplish the particular tasks or doing academic activities in order to achieve the task. The methodological findings indicate that it is possible to develop child-centred participatory methods in learning research. Results of this study contribute to the discussion of how successful learning experiences and self-regulated learning can be supported in the first years of primary school.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 20.5.2016