The LET is going to EARLI2017!

The 17th Biennial EARLI Conference will be held in the University of Tampere, Finland, at the end of August with a theme "Education in the crossroads of economy and politics – Role of research in the advancement of public good". The LET team will be contributing to the conference by several papers, posters and symposium presentations:


Impiö, N., Siklander, P., & Järvelä, S.

A longitudinal perspective to the improvement of teachers' collaborative knowledge and skills.

Mykkänen, A., Koivuniemi, M.,  Järvenoja, H., & Järvelä, S.

Students’ perceptions about emotion regulation and a group awareness tool in collaborative learning settings               

Sobocinski, M., Malmberg, J., & Järvelä, S.

Physiological synchrony during monitoring in collaborative learning

Häkkinen, P., Virtanen, A., Pöysä-Tarhonen, J., Niilo-Rämä, M., Näykki, P., & Järvelä, S.

Pre-service Teachers’ Perceptions of Their Strategic Learning Skills and Collaboration Dispositions



Pijeira Díaz, H. J., Kirschner, P. A., Järvelä, S., & Drachsler, H.

Electrodermal Activity Arousal throughout a Full Physics Course: A Clue for Learning Regulation?

Mykkänen A. & Markkanen, P.

Prompting collaboration with scripts and architectural design in start-up companies



Järvenoja, H., Järvelä, S., Malmberg, J. & Kurki, K.

Measuring motivation and emotion regulation on-line. Paper to be presented in EARLI SIG27 invited Symposium.

Järvenoja, H., Malmberg, J., & Järvelä, S.

Exploring the fluctuation of motivation, emotion and cognitive regulation in collaborative groups. A paper to be presented in a symposium "Using video-data to capture motivational, regulative and cognitive processes during collaboration".

Näykki, P., Isohätälä, J., & Järvelä, S.

Socio-cognitive and socio-emotional monitoring in collaborative learning in the symposium of

"Measuring and supporting collaborative learners' engagement in shared regulation processes"

Isohätälä, J., Näykki, P., & Järvelä, S.

Process-oriented analysis of student teachers’ interaction during social regulation in collaboration

Part of a symposium titled “Studying interaction and collaboration in higher education through different analytical lenses”

Kurki, K., Järvenoja, H., Järvelä, S., & Mykkänen, A.

Exploring regulatory interactions among young children and teachers in socio-emotionally challenging situations in day-care settings

Part of a symposium titled “Exploring the classroom as a context for student regulation”


JURE pre-conference:


Järvelä, S. & Järvenoja, H.

Progress in research on regulated learning: self-, co-, and socially shared regulation of learning. A workshop to be given in JURE pre-conference


Haataja, E., Malmberg, J., & Järvelä, S.

How physiological synchrony acts when students monitor collaborative learning challenges?

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