KoKo - Korkeammalle Korkeakouluyhteistyössä

Duration of the project: 
1.2015 - 12.2017
Funding body: 
ERDF, Council of Oulu Region
Description of the project:
Business and industry in Oulu region has faced rapid structural changes and the area is suffering from severe youth unemployment. The overall economic situation is calling for measures that promote entrepreneurship, new business creation and growth and internationalization of SME’s.
KoKo project is a joint effort between University of Oulu and Oulu University of Applied Sciences and it aims to promote a new way of thinking and working that highlight the importance of new business creation and transformation of existing business. The project targets entrepreneurship oriented and educated young people, researchers, job-seekers and companyowners to create new business and grow businesses abroad. To improve the economic welfare and employment, we need to stimulate the starting of new companies and growing of local businesses. In Finnish context this means emphasizing internationalization of companies and exporting goods and services. In the KoKo project we offer the knowhow and international networks of the higher education institutions as resources for the growth oriented businesses.

Oulu University of Applied Sciences

Contact person: 
Johanna Bluemink (johanna.bluemink@oulu.fi)
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Last updated: 16.9.2015