Research Units

In the Faculty of Technology high-quality research is carried out in all the focus areas of the University of Oulu. Reseachers cooperate actively with companies, research centres and with the public sector.

Faculty of Technology has a number of international research groups in several independent multidisciplinary Research Units, operating directly under the Faculty.


Research Units in the Faculty of Technology

Energy and Environmental Engineering
Professor Eva Pongracz

Chemical Process Engineering
Professor Juha Tanskanen

Machine Design
Professor Juhani Niskanen

Fibre and Particle Engineering
Professor Mirja Illikainen

Environmental and Chemical Engineering
Professor Riitta Keiski

Materials and Production Engineering
Professor Jukka Kömi

Mechatronics and Machine Diagnostics
Lecturer Dr Toni Liedes

Process Metallurgy
Professor Timo Fabritius

Sustainable Chemistry
Professor Ulla Lassi

Structures and Construction Technology
Professor Rauno Heikkilä

Systems Engineering
Professor Enso Ikonen

Control Engineering
Professor Kauko Leiviskä

Industrial Engineering and Management
Professor Harri Haapasalo

Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
Professor Björn Klöve


Equipment maintenance and workshop

M.Sc. Jyri Porter


Multidisciplinary research organisations

Bioeconomy Research Community Bioeconomy related research and education network (BRC-OULU) established in 2013 by research groups from engineering, chemistry and plant biology aiming to activate local business on biomass conversion value-chain.

Oulu Mining School Research and education network (OMS) founded in 2007 in the area of mining and minerals processing to provide Master's level education in engineering and geosciences. The network operates is collaboration with mining and mineral industry. The OMS operates on the University of Oulu selected focus area of Environment, natural resources and materials and its specified development area of Mining and mineral field.

ProChemE is a research community established in 2013 to develop sustainable and innovative technologies for production processes and environmental applications with a highly positive and significant societal impact. The community operates jointly with research groups of Environmental and Chemical Engineering, Synthetic Organic Chemistry and Inorganic Analytical Chemistry, and it is also active in many national and international networks.

Centre for Advanced Steels Research is a joint cross-disciplinary research centre (CASR) organized in 2006 to cover the whole value-chain of steel manufacture in close collaboration with industrial partners. Also the CASR operates on the University of Oulu selected focus area of Environment, natural resources and materials and its specified development area of Steel research.











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