Automation-driven efficiency to energy systems: adjusted balance between production and consumption

Date: Wednesday 5th of April, 2017
Time: At 10.00 - 16.00
Place: Saalastinsali, Linnanmaa campus, University of Oulu (Pentti Kaiteran katu 1, Oulu)
Organizers: Automation Research Community University of Oulu, Finnish Society of Automation, TEKES Witty City program and its KLEI-project
Registration: Until 4th of April, 2017, no registration fee

Seminar brings to an attention timely topics of energy production and consumption, especially from the point of view of automation. Presenters are internationally highly valued professionals in the energy field. Also results of TEKES Witty City-programme are presented by KLEI-project. Enterprises are warmly welcome to use the floor for comments and give product demonstrations as well as company presentations.

Peak loads and variations in heat demand are caused by the fluctuation of outdoor temperature. Heat storage is needed to cut peak loads and even out the heat demand. The storage capacity of buildings together with adaptive automation solutions offer practical solution for this. Model-based optimization solutions developed for district heating can also be applied to electric heating. This reduces the need for electricity storage. The usage of renewable energy sources is growing as a consequence of global climate effect and enacted legislation (EED). Solar thermal energy offers considerable opportunities in this connection. As a result, new business models based on decentralized energy production systems are arising where the end-users can simultaneously be also energy producers. This has various effects on the operation of the energy systems. In the future, smart-grid entities formed by energy production and consumption are controlled by smart energy systems.



09.30-10.00  Registration and morning coffee

Session 1, Chairperson Esko Juuso

10.00-10.15  Opening words, Professor Riitta Keiski, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, pdf

10.15-10.40  The necessity of Energy Efficiency and the easiness and difficulty to measure it, Timo Ritonummi, Energy section, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment, pdf

10.40-11.00  Flexible energy system from the point of view of energy company, Mikko Rasi, Oulun Energia Group

11.00-11.05  Presentation of KLEI-project, Esko Juuso, University of Oulu

11.05-12.00  Research results of KLEI-project, Mika Ruusunen, Petri Hietaharju, University of Oulu

12.00-12.15  Solar District Heating - Technology and Market Overview, Miika Kilgast, Savo-Solar Plc, pdf

12.15-13.00  Lunch break

Session 2, Chairperson Jukka Hiltunen

13.00-13.05  Automation Research Community, Jukka Hiltunen, University of Oulu, pdf

13.05-13.30  Addressing the challenges in power generation, Jenõ Kovács, Amec Foster Wheeler Energy Plc

13.30-14.00  Market-based optimization of district heating production system, Teijo Salonpää, Valmet, pdf

14.00-14.30  Automation Research at the University of Oulu, Enso Ikonen pdf, Esko Juuso pdf, University of Oulu

14.30-15.00  Energy Research at the University of Oulu, Riitta Keiski, University of Oulu, pdf

15.00-16.00  Afternoon coffee with company presentations, product demonstrations and poster exhibition


Organisers of the Seminar


Automation Research Community

Research in the Faculty of Technology is divided into the six Research Communities (additional information). The communities perform intensive collaboration with companies, networks and other stakeholders. The operation of the Automation Research Community is mainly focused on process-, machine- and construction automation, especially on

  • Control and system methods
  • Energy automation
  • Supervisory, monitoring and control room design
  • Machine automation and diagnostics
  • Automation and robotics in construction and mining
  • Industrial process automation


Finnish Automation Society

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Tekes Witty Cities Programme

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Additional information about the event
Esko Juuso, Leader of the KLEI-project
phone 029 448 2463, +358 50 350 3472
Jukka Hiltunen, Vice Chair Person of the Automation Research Community
phone +358 400 684 500
Practical arrangements
Anu Sirviö, Planning officer
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