From the beginning of the year 2002, a total of 210 dissertations have been supported by Thule Institute through Aurora DP, the Thule Institute's research programmes, and other doctoral training activities of the Institute.

Dissertations 2017

Artamonov Anton. Outer space influence on the low and middle polar atmosphere

Eskelinen Riku. Runoff generation and load estimation in drained peatland area

Juutilainen Sandra. Structural racism and Indigenous health. A critical reflection of Canada and Finland

Mohammadighavam Shahram. Hydrologic and hydraulic design of peatland drainage and water treatment systems for optimal control of diffuse pollution

Mustamo Pirkko. Greenhouse gas fluxes from drained peat soils: A comparison of different land use types and hydrological site characteristics

Rönkä Anna. Experiences of loneliness from childhood to young adulthood. Study of the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986

Dissertations 2016

Harju-Autti Pekka. Global cross-national indicator of environmental awareness, and environmental worldviews in organizations, political parties and individuals

Heiderscheidt Elisangela. Evaluation and optimisation of chemical treatment for non-point source pollution control: Purification of peat extraction runoff water

Huttunen Kaisa-Leena. Biodiversity through time : coherence, stability and species turnover in boreal stream communities

Jukuri Tuomas. Resting state brain networks in young people with familial risk for psychosis

Karjalainen Satu Maaria. Identification of processes leading to long-term wastewater purification in northern treatment wetlands.

Koivukangas Jenni. Brain white matter structure, body mass index and physical activity in individuals at risk for psychosis. The Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986 Study

Kuokkanen Ville. Utilization of electrocoagulation for water and wastewater treatment and nutrient recovery: techno-economic studies

Louis Jean-Nicolas. Dynamic environmental indicators for smart homes. Assessing the role of home energy management systems in achieving decarbonisation goals in the residential sector

Luukkonen Tero. New adsorption and oxidation-based approaches for water and wastewater treatment. Studies regarding organic peracids, boiler-water treatment, and geopolymers

Manninen Outi. The resilience of understorey vegetation and soil to increasing nitrogen and disturbances in boreal forests and the subarctic ecosystem

Mustonen Kaisa-Riikka. Climate change and boreal rivers: predicting present-day patterns and future changes in hydrological regime and its effects on river communities

Postila Heini. Peat extraction runoff water purification in treatment wetlands constructed on drained peatlands

Runtti Hanna. Utilisation of industrial by-products in water treatment. Carbon and silicate-based materials as adsorbents for metals and sulphate removal

Rönkä Nelli. Phylogeography and conservation genetics of waders

Tolkkinen Mari. Multi-stressor effects in boreal streams - Disentangling the roles of natural and land-use disturbance to stream communities


Dissertations 2015

Emelyanova Anastasia. Cross-regional analysis of population aging in the Arctic

Grönroos Mira. Metacommunity structuring in stream systems. Disentangling the roles of regional and local processes

Hekkala Anne-Maarit. Restoration of the naturalness of boreal forests

Irannezhad Masoud. Spatio-temporal climate variability and snow resource changes in Finland

Kangas Veli-Matti. Genetic and Phenotypic Variation of the Moose (Alces alces)

Karhu Mirjam. Treatment and characterisation of oily wastewaters

Muilu-Mäkelä Riina. Polyamine metabolism of Scots pine under abiotic stress

Nordström Tanja. Predisposing factors and consequences of adolescent ADHD and DBD : a longitudinal study in the Northern Finland Birth Cohort 1986

Prokkola Hanna. Biodegradation studies of recycled vegetable oils, surface-active agents, and condensing wastewaters

TirkkonenTiina. Early attachment, mental well-being and development of Finnish children at preschool age. Twinship - risk or opportunity?

Tolkkinen Mikko. Biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in boreal streams: The effects of anthropogenic disturbances and naturally stressful environments

Visanko Miikka. Functionalized nanocelluloses and their use in barrier and membrane thin films

Ylä-Mella Jenni. Strengths and challenges in the Finnish waste electrical and electronic equipment recovery system : consumers’ perceptions and participation

Zoratti Laura. Effect of environmental, developmental and genetic factors on flavonoid and carotenoid profile of Vaccinium berries


Dissertations 2002-2014

List of dissertations 2002-2014 are presented in a single pdf-file with publication details or links to the thesis (when available).


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