Canada-Europe Northern Dimensions


This international seminar series, begun in 2008 in Oulu, Finland, is a joint initiative by the Canadian Circumpolar Institute (CCI), University of Alberta, Canada and the Thule Institute.

The aim of the seminar series is to bring together policy-makers and researchers to explore common perspectives and future challenges of Europe's and Canada's northern regions. With common concerns over circumpolar issues, international security and environmental protection, both Canada and the Nordic states display a strong sense of shared values and outlook.

The seminars explore a number of important Northern concerns that include sovereignty and national security issues and circumpolar cooperation; opportunities and challenges of resource development in the North; health issues and challenges facing Northern communities in the Nordic states; and the northern dimensions of commercial and economic ties between Canada and Europe.

More information about the seminars and their themes at CCI's web site.

The Proceedings of the first seminar.

Last updated: 22.8.2016