University of the Arctic

University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative, multidisciplinary network of over 170 universities, research institutes and other organizations concerned with education and research related to the Arctic. The University of Oulu is a member in the UArctic network.

UArctic has altogether 33 Thematic Networks, which provide a collaborative framework for the development of education and research infrastructures, and knowledge generation on topical Arctic issues.

The University of Oulu has an active role in UArctic’s Thematic Networks, and it provides unique education opportunities in UArctic’s Circumpolar Studies and Graduate Programs, as well as mobility opportunities via north2north student exchange.

The University of Oulu has a leading role in two Thematic Networks: Health and Well-being in the Arctic and Communicating Arctic Research, and an active role in five other networks: Arctic Engineering, Arctic Telecommunications and Networking, Commercialization of Science and Technology for the North, Northern Food Security and Northern Tourism.

Thematic Networks & Research Liaison Office hosted by the Thule Institute

The UArctic Thematic Networks & Research Liaison Office, foreseen by the Vice-President Research Kari Laine, is located at the Thule Institute.

Besides the overall coordination of UArctic Thematic Networks, the office’s services aim to enhance research cooperation and improve conditions for funding. Director of Thematic Networks Kirsi Latola, Coordinator Hannele Savela and Project planner Outi Moilanen work for the office.



Last updated: 22.8.2016