Below you can find the preliminary information on the Spring 2018 orientation:

January 2018 Orientation for exchange students (all fields)
updated Nov 9, 2017


Materials from the September 2017 orientation

September 2017 Checklist of important matters that all new international students need to take care of upon arrival

January 2018 Orientation


Thursday January 4

8.30 Welcome on exchange to the University of Oulu!
Lecture hall L2

Student Union welcome

Housing through PSOAS
Students who rent through PSOAS: Attend this info session and then sign your tenancy agreement during the orientation fair

10.00-12.00 Orientation fair at Tellus Innovation Arena.
This is your chance to take care of practicalities at one location, a detailed map of locations will be available at the event.
Please note that completing the necessary steps at the fair does not take the full two hours.
- student union fee payments (in cash): 54,50eur per term
- certificate of student status
- student card information
- general information for new students
- signing your PSOAS tenancy agreement

LUNCH BREAK (at your own expense in campus cafeterias)

13.00 Info sessions on Finnish Academic system and on How to live like a Finn
Lecture hall L2

14.15-15.30 Info session on University's services for students, on permits, banking, sports, health services etc.
Lecture hall L2


Friday January 5

9.00 onwards, Study info sessions by Faculties
This is where you hear of the practices at the faculty, of the studies and can ask questions on courses.
N.B. If you have any documents concerning your arrival that need to be signed this is the location for those.
Faculty of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine:
Faculty of Education:
Faculty of Humanities: at 9.00-11.00am in room HU205
Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering (all fields): 
Faculty of Medicine (all fields):
Faculty of Science (all fields):
Faculty of Technology (all fields):
Oulu Business School:
Oulu Mining School:
Oulu School of Architecture:

12.15 Language studies at the University
This is where you hear information on different options to study Finnish.
Lecture hall L2

13.00 Introduction to student guilds
Lecture hall L2



Materials from the September 2017 Orientation

PSOAS housing for exchange students

Language studies:
- Finnish for foreigners, language and culture courses and Tandem study exchange

How to live like a Finn and Academic Systems

General Info session

Master's programme students: how to prepare a personal study plan

ESN presentation

NISO presentation

AIESEC presentation

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