Science with Arctic Attitude

The University of Oulu produces new knowledge for building a more sustainable, healthier, and more intelligent world. We participate in solving global challenges by combining multidisciplinary approaches, high-quality research, and fruitful collaboration. Our research is top-level in the world on our selected focus areas.

Multi-discipilinary research on five focus areas

The strategy of the University is based on five thematic, internationally important research focus areas:

- Creating sustainability through materials and systems
- Molecular and environmental basis of life-long health
- Digital solutions in sensing and interactions
- Earth and near-space system and environmental change
- Understanding humans in change

High-quality research community and research environment

Our compact combination of a science and technology university provides an excellent basis for influential research. The ten faculties and the research units in the University of Oulu form a strong science community, which makes it possible to do groundbreaking, multidisciplinary research. We increase the effectiveness our our research by systematically developing international and national networks with our selected partner universities and research institutes.